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The Vision

SlyGirl [slī ɡərl] NOUN - Unapologetically authentic creator who courageously pursues their passions.

From one SlyGirl to another, welcome to the creative, collaborative table that is SlyGirl Publishing House. We’re a collective of bold creators, enthusiastic barrier-breakers, and all-around risk-takers with grit. We come together as clever collaborators driven by our own possibilities.

SlyGirl collaborates with artists of all kinds to reach their big publication dreams. Whether you’re an established author, creative photographer, talented poet, aspiring novelist, sketch artist, painter, sculptor… we want your work to be read, seen, and admired by all.

Our Publications

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About SlyGirl

As the founder of SlyGirl, I have the privilege of inviting artists of all kinds to the collaborative table and serving as their creative coach. We talk, we strategize, and we definitely laugh our asses off as we work together to bring your project to the public.

My experience as an executive-level strategist, educator, and marketing professional allows me to confidently say to our creators “I see your creativity… and I raise you profitability.” There is no need to worry about anything but the book when this SlyGirl is fearlessly orchestrating the publishing process!

SlyGirl values the collaborative stage of the creative process, and we purposefully leverage your diverse talents to boost you and others towards your respective big dream of publication.

As a Partner Publishing House, you maintain creative control through the entire publishing process while maximizing your earnings. Own your potential and let’s audaciously dream big together.

Services include author development, editing & copyediting, cover and interior design for printed books, ebook creation, audiobook recording, printing and distribution, publicity and marketing, copyrighting and cataloging.

Melissa Miller

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